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The LED dance floor is so fun!Nora and I built these and were about to add on when a little boy fulfilled his Hulk-smash dreams and leveled it.Nora will probably make this same face in 12 years when she has to drive Claire around in an actual car (which will be a very safe but old and slow beater, for the record). 😂 #age4israd #clairelincolnStarting next Monday, this sweet girl's going to be in preschool every morning, so we're trying to do a few fun things this week while she's still home. Today we're trying out a new-to-us place and everyone's having fun! #age4israd2016-09-16 (1) firetruckWe're so lucky to have such a great neighborhood! We got to help our neighbor Catherine celebrate her 1st birthday on Saturday; we arrived at the party and Claire, who's got separation anxiety, went right to Mr. Steve and hung out with him and Tanti RoxanDay 115

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