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2016 05-26 1707 MMID GP38-3-2061, SD40-2-3450 S/B UBST, New Midway, MD2016 05-26 1743 MMID  SD40-2-3450, GP38-3-2061 N/B UBST, Woodsboro, MD1981 01-12 11:40AM MMID 65T Whitcomb-102 N/B New Midway, MD1981 01-12 11:20AM MMID 65T Whitcomb-102 Woodsboro, MDThrough the broken glassGood @potomacpedalers Ride today - very good riders. I tried to keep up. Definite late fall/early winter feel with sometimes cloudy skies and a brisk NW wind. (The 40s were hard miles -- wind in your face -- whew!) But... 65.8m -- that gives me 170.15 for2015 06-29 0855 MMID SD40-2-3449 E/B UBST at New Midway, MD

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