Live Music Clubs in Washington DC

When it comes to live music in Washington DC, all a music-lover needs to do is pick their poison. Whatever anyone is looking for, from funk to metal, there’s a spot to find it in this city. Hundreds of musicians flock to Washington in search of an I-played-for-the-president story, or something similar. Since there’s always some random politician getting their groove on in a bar, musicians capitalize on the chance for great exposure and the potential for fame by playing as often as possible. Another great part of the DC experience is the dance scene, particularly at the Latin clubs. If folks show up early, they can take a couple of dance lessons before the band comes on, then they can show off their new tricks with live accompaniment. The jazz and blues scene is alive and well in the area, so anyone seeking a grittier style of class will have no trouble finding it.

2325 18th St NW Washington DC 20009
2461 18th St NW Washington DC 20009
4053 Campbell Avenue Arlington VA 22206
1817 Columbia Rd NW Washington DC 20009
2406 18th St NW Washington DC 20009
1721 Columbia Rd NW Washington DC 20009

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