Local Bars in Washington DC

From occupying the shells of old, historic buildings to glittering from the rooftop of an upscale hotel, Washington DC is filled with just about every type of bar that anyone can imagine. The great thing about local bars is the fact that, unlike specific types of establishments like comedy clubs or jazz clubs, they seem to blend just about anything with everything else. Local bars are the places to find a karaoke singing diva providing odd dance music to hipsters while old blue-collar guys are drinking cheap beer and shooting pool. In Washington DC, local bars are the places where residents are often found cooling off after a long, hectic day, gathering with friends, chatting with the other regulars or just plain trying to avoid the chaos of tourism. DC is filled with bars for every occasion, but these places are where the best kept secrets lie.

1833 14th St NW Washington DC 20009

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