Guide to Friendship Heights

Friendship Heights is a pleasantly suburban residential neighborhood with busy shops and restaurants along Wisconsin Avenue. Boutique shops, a multi-screen movie theater, national chain department stores, day spas and restaurants thrive here in open-air shopping areas. Green space is ample here, with many wide lawns and small parks, including Vinton Park and Willard Avenue Park, which includes a section of the Little Falls Branch waterway, with a nature trail and picnic areas. Little Falls Park Trail provides stellar biking, hiking and bird watching. A variety of single-family homes, town homes, and condominiums are among the housing options, with commuters served the Red Line Metro station as well as bus service into downtown Washington. More

Scenes from Friendship Heights
Nitidulid BeetleNational Zoo 3 May 2018  (65) American BisonCarolina Chickadee (Poecile carolinensis)Who, me? I'm not doin' nothin'WMATA Metrobus Western DivisionWMATA Metrobus Western DivisionLittle Pleasing Fungus Beetle

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